Oh I do love weekends. Sometimes I work during them, so when I do get a weekend to enjoy, I like to make the most of it.

This weekend comprises of two birthday parties, catch-up lunches, a lazy brunch in the sunshine… well, I hope so… I love rainy weather, but in small doses. It’s enough now. I feel like I’m drowning and I’m slightly concerned we may need to start building an Ark.

One birthday party was arranged right now, for tonight. He has basically been an ostrich about getting another year older, but I got the call saying that plans had changed.

Tomorrow’s birthday is for a gorgeous friend who always seems find culinary jewels. She finds the gems all over Johannesburg and I love it – we all become adventurous in trying new dishes and new restaurants. Tomorrows venue, I’ve heard, is quite a stunner, so we shall see.

I’m also hoping to be getting in some writing – 46 000 words down and 30 000 to go. I’d really love to finish this novel I started…ahem… a few years ago. Watch this space. In fact … would you like me to show you the prologue of my book? Let me know. If I get more than 10 comments here, I’ll post it … Yes?

Shameless. I know.


PS. I’m also really glad that Madiba has been discharged and is at home now to be cared for with his acute respiratory infection. I’ll be lighting a candle for him and will be doing another blog post on this soon.


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