Old Age

What a weekend. I partied like a rock star and today I am completely exhausted. Seriously. What happened to me? I remember a time when I could party almost every single night and be fresh and fabulous the next day. Now a days I have to choose one night and take the rest of the week to recover from the tiredness. Admittedly I rarely suffer from hangovers – only because my friends call me “Florence” – I nurse my drinks.

Anyways, I believe it’s called Old Age, but I’m denying it.

*Applies extra eye cream.*

However, it is my BIRTHDAY WEEK and I plan on milking it. Any excuse for cupcakes and champagne, really.

I view it like it’s a practice for Friday.

Don’t judge. Instead, send me cupcakes and Toblerone and shoes and photo frames and… if you REALLY REALLY feel generous, a Canon SLR 550D Camera. That is something I have had on my wish list forever.

Just saying.

In other news, I will be filming The Expresso Show in JHB on Thursday and Friday (my birthday – in case you forgot. OK. OK… I’ll stop.)

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