Weekend love

I am constantly on the go and my schedule is pretty crazy. I love it, but every now and then I can feel my body getting tired and I need a time out. This past weekend was pretty much spent indoors, a part from my photography course and shopping for my sister’s birthday.

It was absolute bliss staying in my fluffy robe, drinking Vanilla tea and cuddling with Duke, who is such a big boy at 7 and a half months old, but still thinks he’s the size he was at 7 weeks old. He loves giving me kisses and I absolutely adore them, except when he’s having a slobbery moment… it was captured beautifully here…

His cuddles are my best, especially when he’s calm and not a wriggly worm. When he’s like that it feels like a work out just trying to get a hug.

I love his face so much. His eyes are so full of soul and expression. Just look at the next 5 photos to see what I mean…

He also gives my mom’s golden retriever, Jadie lots of loves…

It was great being indoors all weekend especially with the Wimbledon Finals on… I absolutely love tennis and it’s made me want to play again. If any of you know of a reasonable club I could join  please let me know (I warn you…I am a major beginner and haven’t played in years.) 😉

Even Duke got involved in the Wimbledon spirit…

I had to support Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland (My BFF Karolina is from Poland… makes obvious sense! Haha) in the Women’s Singles. She fought hard, but Serena Williams was unstoppable. I have to admit she scares me… those arms and legs are so muscular I think she would crush me. LOL.

In the Men’s Finals, I was supporting my man Roger Federer all the way! He is Swiss South African just like I am, but it goes beyond that… He is such a gentleman, a great sportsman and wonderfully humble. I have such respect. It was also such an emotional trophy presentation. Murray was in tears and I had such a lump in my throat watching him. He should be very proud of himself. What a great final and what a great year for Wimbledon.

Of course Wimbledon wouldn’t be complete without strawberries dipped in chocolate. Naturally.

Wishful thinking…


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