Thankful Thursdays: Little Things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

I have always been a very sentimental person. It’s the small things that mean the most to me. Small things that loved ones do and small things in life that mean so much.

A simple message to let me know I’m being thought of.

Letting me in the check out queue because I only have two items, as opposed to their full trolley load.

A photograph of a sunflower field because it reminded him of me.

A bunch of sunflowers to cheer up a dull day.

BBM chats and emoticons that make me laugh.

Song lyrics.

A post-it note left on my fridge.

Bringing me soup and medicine when I’m sick.

A phone call or skype chate.

An extra sandwich or coffee bought I so don’t have to get lunch when I’m running late.

Laughing until you can’t breathe.

A cup of tea being made.

A steaming hot cup of vanilla tea.

Holding hands.

Resting on his chest.

Doing small things for the people I love.

Taking a long lavish bath with candles, a glass of wine and my book.

The smell of popcorn, first rains, newly washed hair, freshly baked bread or cookies, new baby or puppy smell.

Seeing the look on a loved ones face when they open up a gift.

Being in bed listening to the thunderstorm outside.

Being able to fall asleep straight away.

Warm paper out of the printer.

Opening a book for the first time -ready to explore a new world.

Being home alone, blasting music and singing and dancing around.

Hearing the words “Thank You.”

Telling each other how you feel.

Sunrises and sunsets.

Feeling the sun warm my shoulders.

When the elevator door opens straight away.

Finding parking near the front in a busy parking lot.

Walking barefoot on the grass.

Fitting into that dress.

Genuine hugs.

Having my hair brushed away from my face.

Being missed and missing someone.


Fan mail.

Hearing a childs laugh.

Feeling good after a gym session.

Sharing a meal.

Cooking a recipe for the first time and it comes out perfectly.

The way he laughs. Right from his soul.

Taking photographs. Capturing moments and memories forever.

Looking back at photographs, reliving the memories and laughing just as much.

Having a blanket put over you while you’re sleeping.

My mom signing off each email, note or sms “Love your No. 1”

Mom’s hugs, encouraging words and arm tickles.

I could go on and on and on…

These actually aren’t small things because they mean so much and have priceless meaning to my heart and soul.

Each and every thing is appreciated and never taken for granted.

I am really blessed with the best people in my life. My friends and my family are earth angels.

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