WIN with the Jungle One Hour Project

Who wants an extra hour in their day and if there was a magical genie that could give you that extra hour, what would you do?

Jungle Oats is still one of my favourite breakfasts and they’ve recognised that life has become so busy and most of us are set in our routines. Sigh.

For this very reason, they have launched the Jungle One Hour Project. They are asking South Africans what they would do with an extra hour every day and sign this up as their One Hour Project.  They want everyone to do something inspiring or extraordinary.

You can register your One Hour Project using Facebook on the Jungle One Hour Project website  Once you’ve started your project you will earn points for updating your project status and you can climb up the leader board and stand the chance of winning R20 000 in cash and Jungle Hampers.

Jungle are giving a Vanilla Blonde reader R1000 towards reaching your goal/project, whatever that may be.

It may be to get involved with charity, spend quality time with family or do something you have always wanted to do, but didn’t have time for.

One Hour Project Suggestions:

  • Show your pet the great outdoors
  • Plant balloons around town to brighten people’s day
  • Spend an hour in a children’s hospital making kids laugh
  • Spend an hour helping out your neighbour
  • Hand-make a present for your favourite friend
  • Make a miniature plane with your son
  • Make a winter wonderland for your loved ones
  • Spring clean your closet and give your old clothes to those less fortunate
  • Learn to do something new; something you have always wanted to do

Sign up here and then comment on this blog with your project link and you could win R1000 in cash or Jungle hampers.

Good Luck



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