Travel musts

I wanted to share some of my travel musts that I always keep in my bag…

1. Headphones. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve forgotten my headphones and been so sorry. Not only do they keep a nosy neighbour from chatting away, they also drown out any noise – like those noisy phlegmy coughers who splutter away – I honestly cannot handle that sound and instantly feel ill. These are Frends headphones in rose gold.

2. iPad/Kindle – it’s just easier to travel with this than a whole bunch of heavy books.

3. Phone – to sneak in a SnapChat (BaileyVanilla)/ Instagram (vanillablondebailey) pic and also to listen to music.

4. Recharger – especially if you’re travelling for longer periods of time and want to recharge your devices. I love my Take Charge leather pouch – it has a built in charger and is great to store gum, tissues, lipstick and other items I need.

I’m BaileyVanilla on SnapChat

5. Gum.  My ears pop when a plane takes off and I find chewing gum really helps unblock my ears. Otherwise I yawn and open my mouth as wide as I can (hand covering – obviously.)

6. Coconut Water. Travelling is extremely dehydrating and I am in love with CocoZone coconut water. It’s honestly the best on the market as it has no added sugar and comes in a tetra pack, which makes it easy to pack and lighter than the cans you get. CocoZone rehydrates 3x more than water, has electrolytes and is exceptionally healthy for you.

For longer flights, pour a little into a travel spritz bottle and spritz over your face – it works better than those water face sprays.

7. Poncho or big scarf – I get really cold on a plane, so keeping a big scarf of poncho, which folds up easily and doesn’t take much space. It is always great to wrap around or use as a make-shift pillow. I particularly love the ponchos from LABEL Collection.

8. A face lotion and a hand lotion. I love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as it smooths out fine lines, keeps my face moisturised and makes it radiant in a flash! My hands dry out too so it’s always handy (see what I did there?) to have – oh and if you’re on longer flights and your hair gets a little frizzy/static – simply rub cream into your hands completely and then smooth down any fly aways – it works a charm without leaving your hair greasy.

9. A hair band. If you’re having a really bad hair day and the left over hand cream trick hasn’t worked – pull your hair into a high pony or top bun. I love these hairbands as they don’t leave that ponytail kink when you pull your hair loose again.

10. Tissues. For obvious reasons, but also good to get rid of gum, wipe under your eyes and if you spill something in flight.

What are you travel musts?

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