How I asked my bridesmaids

Whilst I was up in Johannesburg, I booked an appointment to try on Wedding dresses. I have absolutely no idea what I want. Well, to be fair… I have an idea, but I have no idea if it will suit my body shape.

I wanted to try on every single style from the ballgown to the mini skirt (jokes) to really see what looks good.

I was feeling so excited and also a little overwhelmed. It suddenly felt very real and very surreal at the same time. How exciting?!

I couldn’t believe I was trying on Wedding dresses and I felt overwhelmed when I walked into a room with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful dresses, knowing we only had an hour and a half. What if I didn’t try on the dress and skipped straight passed it?

Anyway… I know I will most likely find my dress in Cape Town, which is difficult for me, when my family and best friends all live in Johannesburg. I had asked my mom and my sister to join me and 2 of my best friends so that I could experience my first time trying on dresses with them… After that I will most likely be doing it without them.

I came up with a little gift idea to ask them to be my bridesmaids. On Friday, my mom and I ran around sourcing everything I needed and on Saturday morning I put the gifts together before we met at 11am. The gifts came in 4 parts.

1. I found the most beautiful “You are an Angel” fridge magnets with quotes and popped them into the tissue paper.

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave & impossible to forget
There are people you meet in your life that make everything seem magical…
You make my heart smile

2. I bought 3 pairs of fluffy, comfortable slippers (sadly not all the same thanks to the different sizes) with a little note saying:

3. I got microwave popcorn… and wrapped that up in tissue paper with a card saying:

 4. The final gift wrapped in tissue paper, was the Bridesmaids DVD and a personalised letter to each of them asking them to do me the honour of being my bridesmaid.


Once the packages were packed, I was ready to go…

I handed them out…

I am so incredibly honoured and blessed to have them all say YES! YAY!

After that, we all scoured the rails of dresses and finally settled into our private area with trays of tea and coffee.

I disappeared behind the curtains… but not before a quick sip of tea…

Verdict… I have found 3 beautiful dresses and funny enough they are styles I never would have thought would work on me. This is why you have to try everything on!

I’m still on the hunt, so if you have any suggestions for me in the Cape Town areas, please help!

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