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Halloween 2020

To be honest, I wasn’t sure Halloween would even happen this year, despite it being one of the craziest, scariest years yet. And just when 2020 couldn’t be any more scary, Halloween just happened to fall on the full moon. Of course it did.

Every year, our friends Marc and Kim host Halloween at their home, and then we walk around their neighbourhood for “Trick or Treat.” This year we did it again, but on a much smaller scale. The neighbourhood put balloons outside if they were going to participate in handing out candy to the kids. It became more like an Easter Egg hunt trying to find balloons, which were few and far between. Understandably.

Still… I’m glad we did it, had a little normality in our lives and seeing Alexi in his “My First Halloween” onesie, and George dressed as a dinosaur was my best!

Surprise, surprise… I took loads of pics, so here are a few…


One of the kids decorated poor Nahla, with halloween confetti. She’s such a lady. Look at those little monster pants! 

We tried to get a family photo… and boy was it difficult. I remember my BFF, Karolina, always saying what a mission it is to try and get pics of all 4 family members looking semi-decent! If you can get a family with small kids to all look at the camera and smile at the SAME TIME for a photo, it’s proof that miracles do happen.

We tried…

We sort of got it!

Ready to Trick or Treat, or in Georgie’s case: “Trick or Preet”

After walking a block, we head back for burgers and for the kids to cut this impressive pumpkin cake…

Thanks for the fun Kim and Marc!

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