I work with a guy called Lindsay Johnson. He is an incredibly talented sound engineer and producer. The two of us have a passion for photography but neither of us have done a photography course. It’s on my “To Do” list… I just need to find the time.

So in the meantime, I’m playing and learning by default how to use my camera and sometimes I make happy mistakes and pretend I knew exactly what I was doing.

Sometimes my photos come out a giant blur… ahem… and quickly get deleted. Love digital.

I have fun though and that’s really the point.

Lindsay suggested that we take a day and explore Johannesburg through our camera lenses. He had organized a surprise. An incredible one at that. He had arranged for us to go up Sentech and take photos of Johannesburg from the top of the tower. The tower is 250 meters high and where we stood to take photos was 190 meters high. 360 degree view of Johannesburg on a cold winters day was absolutely breathtaking. I can only imagine how amazing it could be in summer when it’s smog free.

I wish we could have taken photos of what was inside the tower, but permission was denied.

Afterwards we took a drive into Joburg CBD and then to Arts on Main. I really am amazed at what you can find in your own city if you just venture out to places you ordinarily never go to. Found some real gems and fell in love with the hustle and bustle.

Lindsay Johnson

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