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My little sister flew to Cape Town last week on business. She stayed in Stellensbosch for Tuesday and Wednesday and then she came to stay with me for Thursday and Friday. It was her first time visiting me too and I couldn’t wait to show her around.

On Tuesday evening, Sox and I went to Stellenbosch to meet her for dinner. We found a vibey Lebanese restaurant called Man’oushe and ordered different items on the menu, sharing off each other’s plates.

We then took a really sexy photo to send to our mom and dad… From this photo alone, they were obviously green with envy for missing out on our company.


Sexy Schneider sisters

The weather wasn’t great so it was difficult to do a lot of the things I had planned, but Tandi and I spent quality time together and I loved it.

This looks like I’m drinking some crazy blue cocktail… but it’s just the Valpre Sparkling water bottles reflection. I thought it was too cool to not photograph. Dork.

 Tandi had to sink her toes into the beach sand even though it was a chilly day…

After a beach stroll, we headed to Seelan’s to meet up with some friends of mine for wine… Apparently we all had to wear Georgina’s maroon red lipstick. Here I am trying to put it on Tandi… I was better at getting it on her teeth than her lips.

 Pucker up…

Rocking the red lips

The sunsets have been amazing…

Side mirror reflections

On Saturday morning I took Tandi to the airport. We arrived before the sun was even up. I’m such a baby at goodbyes – even though I know I’ll see my family again soon, I still hate the “goodbyes”.

It was really windy and chilly, so I decided to climb straight back into bed, cuddled up with coffee and a movie on my laptop.

A friend of mine, Tam, has just got a Golden Retriever puppy, called Lucky. She joins her Golden Labrador, Summer and the 2 of them are super adorable.

I did feel like I was cheating on Duke…

Cheating on Duke with a hot blonde

But don’t worry… My mom sent me these pictures of Duke to make me feel better… His face melts me all the time and I can’t wait to see him soon.

Of course my boyfriend found this to be too much of a coincidence and got me AGAIN on Instagram…

Funny man. Sigh.

Speaking of my boyfriend… Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary! Time flies when you’re having fun! I met Socrates on a Wintry sunny Friday afternoon – the 18 May 2012. We met at 2Oceansvibe radio. He invited me and a friend of mine to a party happening that evening.

I declined it.

However, fate had a different idea and we landed up at the party much later that evening.  This was the very first photo taken of us that evening… and so it all began…

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