TFG’s Most Convenient Exact Launch

TFG (The Foschini Group) took a step in developing South Africa’s first online mall, with the addition of the fashion store Exact.  The total number of linked stores on the group’s expanding ecommerce platform is now lucky number 13. offers conveniently available, well priced fashion for all members of the family in one place, and is the first of the group’s brands to provide babies and children clothing online. Georgie actually has a few baby grows from Exact and the quality is beautiful. We often get so many compliments whenever he wears them.

TFG online is all about convenience and they contacted me to offer me a gift of convenience, especially knowing how tricky life can be with a newborn and already being back at work.

The idea was that instead of going into store and shopping, which can be time consuming, I can now save time by shopping online. The time saved shopping online meant that I could do something else with my time.
TFG and Exact offered their gift suggestions like: having my laundry done for me, grocery shopping with U-cook where you could make a meal with the ingredients provided, or if you didn’t feel like cooking at all, there was options of a pre-made meal service. There was also the option of having my hair and make-up done at home and while it all looked so appealing, the suggestion that caught my eye was this:
  • Yoga class comes to you: Unwind your mind and stretch your limbs with a class conducted at a space of your choice with TFG and MobiYogi.

Yes please! I have not had a gap to exercise. I’ve wanted to get back to exercising, but I don’t feel strong enough or confident enough to go into a gym yet (never mind not having the time nor energy.) I loved that she would come to my home (I was literally in my PJs about 10 mins before she arrived), and I wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with Georgie either. He lay cooing on his Nurture One pillow and eventually fell asleep.

Don’t get me wrong… I love going into gym – it’s good to get away and take the me-time – I cannot wait to get back to the BUC Gym, but right now, I just feel so heavy and uncomfortable; that I feel a little intimidated. I know it’s silly, but it’s honest.

Kelly arrived at my apartment and set out yoga mats, put a tranquil play list on and gave a wonderful 1 hour yoga class. Every cell in my body came alive and felt so happy. Exercise really does put me in the best mood, I just need to find the time make the time to fit it into my CRAZY schedule.

Check out and enjoy online shopping at the various stores…

Here is the Baby Section – choose Unisex, Boys or Girls to streamline your shopping options…

Thank you TFG and Exact for making my life so convenient (in more ways than one) and for introducing me to MobiYogi. I have since signed up to have a Yoga class in my home once a week. Bliss.

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  • Reply Louise

    Wow, what a good idea that is, having a mobile yoga session. Awesome. And just an aside, but your darker roots look so good!

    October 16, 2017 at 6:56 am
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