Must Do’s in Winter

Thanks so much for all the comments you left on the previous Mothers Day post… You guys all complimented “me”… I’ll be sure to pass those compliments onto my sister. I had a good laugh…that was my sister Tandi in the photographs. I was behind the camera this time 😉

I don’t blame you for thinking it was me… we do look very similar. See?

Tandi <—- and I —->

I’m a Summer baby and as such I’m not the biggest fan of Winter.

BUT, I plan to make the most of the season and even though it hasn’t been as cold as it normally is in May, I have a funny feeling that the cold is going to hit us quite severely.

These are some of my Must Do’s for Winter:

1.) Drink Gluhwein – I will post an amazing recipe soon. It’s one of my favourite things in Winter and it makes me think of Switzerland and my family.

2.) Make your own vegetable soup… There is nothing better than home made soup. OK, Woolies does some spectacular soups too.

3.) Rent your favourite DVD’s or even a box set of your favourite series, get soft blankets and do a movie marathon with your friends.

4.) Get yourself one of those luxurious bathrobes to lounge around in and don’t forget the slippers.

5.) Donate blankets to a homeless shelter or an animal shelter.

6.) Help out at a soup kitchen.

7.) Perfect the Hot Chocolate recipe – don’t forget the marshmallows.

8.) Knit a scarf. Yes. It’s cool.

9.) Get active. It will diminish any chance of getting the flu if you keep your body strong. Plus it helps you get ready for Summer when the layers of clothing eventually come off.

10.) Exfoliate and moisturize. Just because the trees are dead, doesn’t mean your skin has to be too. My best is using sugar and olive oil.

11.) Cuddle.

12.) Invest in the perfect pair of boots that will last you season after season. The same applies for a coat.

13.) Visit Art Galleries and watch theatre productions.

14.)  Don’t forget to take your vitamin C and multivitamins.

15.) Visit the markets. There are so many around and you can find some real gems.

16.) Have lots of warm bubble baths. Light candles, put your favourite music on, pour a glass of red and relax or read.

17.) Read something you would never ordinarily read.

18.) Get a spray tan – just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to look pasty. Plus it’s better for you anyway – stay away from harmful UVs.

19.) Figure out what serves you and what doesn’t. Winter is the season to end things and make way for new exciting things. It can be as deep as you want it to be.

20.) Dust off the board games and play a long game of monopoly, trivial pursuit, 30 seconds or scrabble.


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