Small Things

My family and I have a little “Pinch and a Punch for the first of the Month” joke that happens each month and as we all raced to send the message to our whatsapp group, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s June. JUNE! Already! It just feels like each year is going faster than the next and I swear we just had New Years Eve.

Life gets so busy and crazy and while I’m not complaining (busy is good/productive), sometimes I feel like I am just on autopilot instead of being present.

I try to be present as much as possible; before the next meeting, next point of business and the next phone call or email adds to a crazy to-do list.

It’s the small moments such as wrapping my cold fingers around a cup welcoming the heat as I take a sip of tea.

It’s also having someone make a fresh cup of tea or coffee and place it down in front of me with a smile through the steam. Why does it always taste so much better when someone else makes it?

It’s seeing a flower seller on the side of the road shaking off excess water from the fresh stems as I drive past.

It’s appreciating the “I love you’s!” and “I’m so proud of you’s!”

It’s the morning/afternoon/evening/anytime kisses and the sweeping back of my hair with his thumb.

It’s receiving those pictures and videos of my gorgeous best friend, Karolina’s baby boy, Gabriel… my Godson, with his perfect fingers and toes, his delicious giggles, his long eyelashes that frame big brown eyes. Eyes that are fresh and get to see this big world for the first time. The way he looks in awe and wonder at every single thing is magical and I am always amazed at how much love I have this little soul – as if he were my very own.

It’s holding a door open for someone and having them acknowledge you with a small but genuine smile. Someone else who was present in that split second and not rudely dismissive or distracted.

It’s the leather skinned car guard with the twinkling blue eyes, Marawan, who looks after my car every most days when I arrive to do my show at 2Oceansvibe Radio. He has my back as I walk down the road in Woodstock clutching onto my handbag and laptop bag and always insists he open and close my car door, because: “You’re a lady! I may not have much, but I have manners.”

It’s finding a parking space right outside the Smile 90.4 FM studios when parking on that road is normally minimal. Thank you Parking Angels!

It’s the friendships I’ve made here in Cape Town and those that I’ve kept up in Johannesburg. My mom always used to say that when you get older, it won’t be about how many friends you have; it will be about the quality. You’re blessed if you have a hand full of mutual, true, genuine friends who want the very best for you. I feel so grateful that I have over 2 hands full and each person is a diamond, that I cherish!

It’s realising that the small things, aren’t that small at all… They’re the BIG parts of life that make it happy, special and amazing and sometimes we need to take a moment to look around and appreciate things and be humbly grateful for them.

What are you grateful for?

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