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Life Lately (jam packed)

Oh I have been loving that Cape Town is officially hot and Summery. The past few months have felt like Summer has teased us. This means stolen beach hours and beach picnics. It’s also Wedding season and Birthday time. The majority of my friends are Aquarians (including myself and Sox)… then the next time it’s crazy birthday time is the month of September/October (typically Librans.)

Anyway… We all headed to Clifton 1st for a beach picnic/sundowners for Dean’s Birthday

We also had the launch of The Entertainer – a brilliant book/app that gives you incredible discounts or buy one, get one free specials at various and impressive golf courses, spas, restaurants and accommodation.

After the event, I had this craving for prawns in lemon butter! I have such a love for prawns but haven’t actually eaten them in ages. In Johannesburg you have Adega’s and Jimmy Killer Prawns etc, but down here in Cape Town, I’m still relatively a newbie and don’t actually know which is the best (and affordable) place for prawns.

Sox took me to a place that I had never even heard of: Panama Jacks. He hadn’t been there in years and warned me that it might not be what we were hoping for. As we started driving, I started wondering where on earth we were going. We drove through the harbour, down back streets, over a train track and eventually landed up at this little wooden restaurant in the middle of nowhere/harbour.

The floors are all uneven and there are flags everywhere, with a very low roof. We were the only South African’s in the place and just noticed huge tables of tourists (tour buses were parked outside). We ordered and I was a very happy little Bailey!

Oh and I have the loveliest boyfriend who thought it would be hilarious to tell me about how Lobsters scream when they get into a pot of boiling water. Whilst I know this, it’s not great hearing about it whilst eating seafood. Here is my unimpressed face.

Here is the dress I bought from Mango and it says: Simplicity is the keynote to style.

In other news, it’s wedding season and we headed to Val de Vie on Saturday, where it was 38 degrees and BOILING! We arrived at Boschenmeer Grande Lodge where we settled in and then got ready for the wedding.

It was my first Greek wedding, go figure… you’d think I’d have attended at least one, since I date a Greek. I was so excited to celebrate Dimitri and Anita’s love…

 I have no idea what Sox was doing, but it made me double over laughing…

I loved the idea of having a polaroid camera where we all took pics and then stuck them into a book with our messages for the bride and groom.

This gorgeous man is mine… and I feel so blessed to have him.

Laura has fast become one of my best friends in Cape Town and we took these after a glass (or three) of champagne…

 I managed to snap a quick pic with the very busy bride and groom – honestly, one of the most wonderful couples. Individually they are superb people and together, they’re just magic!

I also got to spend some time with this beauty, Natalie…

There was a lot of Greek dancing and plate smashing…

On Sunday it was another amazing friends birthday party… A picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with the girls and Jimmy Nevis.

Early on Monday morning I made my Pineapple Basil Cooler (they added Krush juice to the recipe *sponsor*) on the Expresso Morning Show.

I couldn’t get the lid off and actually felt a little stressed knowing it was live TV! Haha – you can watch my embarrassing moment here:

Last night we sat in complete darkness. We had load shedding for 2 and a half hours, then it flicked on for all of 2 seconds and went off again for another few hours.

Sox made me not one but two cups of tea using our Gas Braai. This is just one of the many reasons I love him so much!

Tomorrow I have the most exciting news! Can’t wait to share it! x

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