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Let me introduce you to a GAME CHANGER!

I hope you’re hungry, because this post is going to have you ravenous by the end.

Raw Nutrition delivers pre-cooked meals all across Cape Town, 5 days a week.

After being in the hospitality industry for 15 years, we came to realise that there was a need for reliable suppliers that would offer swift delivery services to world-class hospitality facilities. Raw was established in 2010, to do just that: “offer our local establishments fresh quality produce.” In addition to our fresh fruit and vegetables, we have found that by supplying pre-cooked family, Banting, Paleo and athlete meals to our clients, we have established a community that embraces healthy living and Raw nutrition.

I received the first few meals in a foil container. I was surprised to find out that the foil container was safe to heat up. I just pierced the covering and popped them in the microwave for a few minutes and immediately my kitchen started filling up a home cooked delicious aroma.raw-nutrition-mealraw-nutrition-meals

I’m always a bit concerned about heating up meals or even pre-packed meals because they rarely taste home cooked.

Blow me out the water… RAW Nutrition has nailed it. In fact the meals are tastier than some of my own home cooked meals and I love to cook.

Not only is it tasty, but the portions are great and it’s really affordable.

Even though I love to cook, I have to be realistic with my time. I can’t always make meals, so when my schedule is crazy, it’s the best to know that I can get fresh home cooked meals that are healthy.

Now it’s time to salivate… I was going to put the meals in order of favourites, but I actually cannot choose.

This was the first meal I tasted and it got me so excited about RAW Nutrition – 2 chicken breasts filled with broccoli mash and danish feta wrapped in bacon and grilled served with roast veg
raw-nutrition-stuffed-chicken-and-veggiesraw-nutrition-stuffed-chicken-2 raw-nutrition-stuffed-chicken

There are ostrich, beef and chicken burgers. They’re so tasty with a tomato relish, black mushrooms as the ‘burger buns’ and sweet potato fries.raw-nutrition-burger-and-sweet-potato-friesraw-nutrition-beef-burger


Chicken pieces and fresh broccoli or with roasted veggies:raw-nutrition-chicken-and-broccoli raw-nutrition-chicken-and-roast-veggies

Seed and herb encrusted chicken breasts with a lemon aioli and roasted green veggies:raw-nutrition-chicken-breast-and-veggies

Butter chicken curry with caulimash:raw-nutrition-chicken-curry

This is the tastiest stir fry I’ve ever tasted. It comes in chicken or beef and julienne veggies.raw-nutrition-chicken-stiry-fry-2raw-nutrition-chicken-stir-fry-3 raw-nutrition-chicken-stir-fry-4
Lemon and herb chicken kebabs and caulimash:raw-nutrition-kebabs-and-caulimash

This was AMAZING… It’s Zucchini Lasagne. It normally comes with brinjal, but I’m weirdly allergic to brinjal, so I’m thrilled they were able to make it for me without.
These meatballs (with caulimash) were tastier than the meatballs my Italian friends make. Sorry friends! It was delicious!

Spinach and feta quiche was so tasty! raw-nutrition-quiche

Check out the website: to see the various meals and order now. There are plans for Paleo, Banting, Family meals, Elite Athlete Meals and so on.



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