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So I’ve been saying that today I’m 6 months smoke free because I keep seeing the date as 01.06.2011 so I keep thinking it’s 6 months… BUT … Today is exactly 5 months of No-Smoking. I feel so fantastic. I feel healthier. My skin is better, my sense of smell, my sense of taste… all much better.

I quit on New Years Day and I’m so glad to say it’s the New Years resolution that has actually stuck. Hooray!

I can also smell the Sta Soft fabric softner on my clothes now. Something I was never able to do. I can still smell the fragrance of my shampoo long after I’ve washed my hair.

It is the small things.

I now understand when people say they can smell smoke in their hair after a night out in a smoky club or restaurant. When I used to smoke I used to think that it was purely non-smokers being melodramatic.

I really get it now. It stinks.

Perhaps I have become one of those annoying ex-smokers, but I can’t believe how the smell of smoke bothers me. It bothers my sinuses and I can’t believe I used to light up and inhale.

Besides the fact that I don’t think it looks all that attractive… I saw girls in their late teens, early twenties light up and while I’m sure they thought they looked “cool”… they didn’t.


I sound like one of those older people now. You know the ones who look at girls wearing short dresses and tsk tsk… mean time only a few years ago they were being “tsked” at?

Oh dear.

Let’s move on. Quickly.

I’m glad I quit smoking. I don’t think I could ever light one up ever again! Bleh!

Looks delicious…doesn’t it?

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