My weekend on a Wednesday

I’m back… a little fragile… a little shaky but I’m back.

I wouldn’t wish this stomach bug on anyone. Boy it’s a nasty bugger.

Missed the blogging world. What’s been happening? I need to play catch up. I know it’s Wednesday, but I’ll tell you about my weekend anyway. LOL.

This weekend was awesome. My G arrived and it was non stop fun and laughter! I went to the Oyster and Wine Festival (no… this is not the reason I’ve been feeling so ill – LOL)

The champagne was delicious and so were the oysters. We tried the standard black pepper, Tabasco and lemon juice, then we tried an onion red wine vinaigrette topping and finally wasabi and soya sauce.


There was also a beer tent, the wine tasting area which was permanently packed with people and the gourmet food tent that had olives, pastries, sauces and more. Yummy!

Later that evening we went to Karolina and Filip for dinner. Every two weeks we will be heading to a couple for dinner. 3 course meals all home made. Let me tell you my friends could rival some of the top celebrity chefs in the world. They have outdone themselves. It makes me a little nervous for when it’s my turn!


Oh and I hate good byes at airports. I really do. I have never been very good at good-byes… even when I know they’re “good-bye for now…see you later’s.”

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