Pongwe Beach

We travelled to Pongwe Beach. It’s on the East side of the island. Pongwe Beach Hotel is slightly more rustic and it’s more private. When I say “rustic” – it’s in comparison to a franchised resort. However, you are not left wanting for anything. You have your own private beach with powder white beach sand, huge hammocks floating between palm trees and a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the turquoise ocean.

As it is more private and intimate, the staff really get to know you by name and are some of the friendliest, happiest people I have encountered in my life so far. I actually miss them.

We got up early to experience the colourful sunrises that painted the ocean and sky with soft hues of pinks and lavenders.

I love this picture of my mom with her tea on the beach

The food here was absolutely outstanding. Every meal was just melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They made their own sorbets. We all went mad for the coconut sorbet and the mango sorbet.

Sox went completely crazy for coconuts. I don’t think there were enough coconuts on the island to satisfy his love for them. From drinking the juice to eating the flesh… even scooping out the young coconuts flesh which is really soft and slightly slimy. Wow. I did not make that sound appetising at all. It was delicious. Promise.

At dinner we would enjoy music by the various bands that would come to “serenade us.”

The staff got involved one night, singing and dancing. My mom and dad got roped into dance with them. Brilliant.

During the day we would lie on the beach or at the pool, swim, read our books, go for walks, do photography and just completely chill.

The water is so turquoise that sometimes it looked green like creme soda. Breath taking to look at and so warm to swim in.

Bailey, Sox, Tandi and Ross

At 4pm every afternoon, we would be served fresh fruit where ever we were. I literally indulged in juicy pineapple and watermelon whilst in the pool.

Speaking of fresh fruit…

At night time, Bush Babies would come to the bar for their breakfast. They are nocturnal creatures so they would come to the bar hungry for their fruit. They eat bananas and mangos. Some are skittish, but the ones who cottoned on that they would get fed if they returned are a little more brazen and you can actually hold a banana and feed them.

Happy Hour was fun because we got to enjoy bowls of roasted peanuts, popcorn and olives whilst sipping on various cocktails…

Mom and Dad
Laughing sisters…
More laughing sisters…

Sox and I like to play the game “Link 4” or “Connect 4″… you have to get 4 disks in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The barman kept challenging Sox each night…

One day, Ross, Tandi, Sox and I went out on a fishing boat where we snorkelled first and then did some fishing. I caught 3 fish. Beginners luck I believe.

 Whilst we were out, we found a fisherman who had been hunting for Octopus. He had a snorkel and mask, flippers and a spear. Incredible. We gave him a lift and realised he had caught 6 Octopus. We bought one off him as he wanted $5 for it.

 This is how you hold it…

I love my sisters side-eye in this photo…

When we got back to the hotel, Sox tenderised it on the rocks and then we gave it to the chef who said he would cook it for us and it would be ready at 6pm.

Here is our Octopus that was so delicious it’s actually spoilt me because calamari and octopus just don’t compare now! How’s the presentation?

 I’m not the only photographer… Sox has quite the eye.

Sox looks footless (and sockless – LOL)  but he’s wearing sea shoes 😉

Yoga in the middle of the ocean in low tide.

Tomorrow we will travel to the most incredible place: Stone Town.

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