Double Tree by Hilton

This is Part 3 of my time in Zanzibar.

Double Tree by Hilton is a gorgeous resort, right by the Nungwi village and fish market. It has that real island resort feel to it. It was incredible to see the fish market auction at sunrise, watch the fishing boats go out, see the tide wash out and have the woman dressed in their colourful head scarves fishing in the shallow water and walk through the village amongst the people, their homes and lifestyles.

Watching the fishermen drag fish up and then hear the auction take place; I just found the Fish Market absolutely fascinating.

I didn’t see these fish on the floor… so when I stood back, I had stood on one of it’s spikes, which went straight into my foot like a knife. It was incredibly painful and I had to get back to the resort to clean the wound.

We took a walk through Nungwi – not once did I feel unsafe. We bought beautiful beaded bracelets from this woman…

When we were driving to Double Tree Hotel, we passed this barber. Sox mentioned that he was going to have a hair cut there and I thought he had been kidding. On our walk through the town, Sox said he was doing it.

Habasony is the name of the guy who owns the Barber – here he is outside his shop. He is extremely proud of it.

The haircut was brilliant and these guys were complete perfectionists making sure not one hair was out of place.

We took a walk down the beach one morning to the natural Aquarium. It was created for Sea Turtle conservation. We had the most brilliant guide who educated us so much about the turtles, their breeding patterns and why this aquarium was so important to keep turtles safe, as well as educating the towns, fishermen and children not to eat turtles or sell their shells.

Did you know that the sand on each beach is like a fingerprint – the sand on a Cape Town beach will be completely different to the sand in Durban, LA, Rio, Australia etc… Turtles have to lay their eggs on the same beach they were born on and as babies, when they hatch and scuttle down the beach to the ocean, their bellies get imprinted with that particular beach sand. Years later when they need to lay their own eggs, they need to swim back and find the beach sand to lay their eggs.

The sad part is this only happens 25-30 years later and from hotel developments, jetty developments and earth changes some beaches no longer exist and so they start dying out.

Our guide was so inspiring, that I walked out of there wanting to quit my job, move here and dedicate my life to conserving sea turtles.

I take my hat off to those who do, and I am certainly far more aware of what needs to be done.

We got the chance to feed the Green Turtles. They get their name, not from their appearance, but because they eat seaweed and as a result their fat is green.

Being taught how the Male tortoises have concave bellies and the females have flat bellies – now you know why!

When we weren’t exploring, we enjoyed lying by the pool or on the beach, swimming, eating the delicious food – especially the fruit. The Pineapple there is superb – juicy, soft and so sweet. Of course, Sox couldn’t get enough of his obsession with coconuts.

Sox and his love of coconut

These water marks on the beach look like a Baobab tree!

The Sunsets were absolutely spectacular and I did 2 sunset cruises on a dhow. Once with my family before Sox arrived and then another with him…

Tandi and I

Full Moon
Full Moon

Each night there was some form on entertainment from the Masai traditions, to the traditional dancers (complete with python) etc.

The Masai make the most interesting sounds with their mouths and throats and can jump really high. The white beaded parts around their ankles and calves are to stabilise them when they do jump high.

The next few shots of Double Tree Resort were taken by Sox and I have to give him credit! Bravo

There I am in the pool by the bar – Pina Colada Time

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