Thankful Thursdays: My Soul Sister

I have been blessed with some of the best friends in the world. I truly believe that the people you surround yourself with are the people who can tell you a lot about yourself. People are mirrors and the saying is true: If you want to know who I am, have a look at my friends.

I’m so proud of everyone in my life. Proud to call them friends.

Today I’m dedicating my Thankful Thursday post to one person in particular: My best friend that I can genuinely call a soul sister. Karolina Sky and I have been friends since university days, which is *gasp* 10/11 years ago.We have been inseparable ever since. Karolina is the one person who knows me better than I sometimes know myself. She is one of the kindest, most caring, down to earth, loving, warm and wonderful people I know.

I remember someone asking me outright: “Your best friend Karolina is so beautiful… is she a nice person too?”

I was so baffled at the perception and the brashness of the comment, but it gave me great pleasure in letting them know that she isn’t just exquisite to look at, she has the most exquisite soul, personality and inner core too… I think that is what makes her so incredibly amazing.

We have an incredible bond – I love it… I’m sometimes unsure how to explain it to people though.

For example… we will often phone each other and instead of saying: “Hello”… it’s: “What’s happened?” or “What’s wrong?” or “Why do I feel like you need me?”

99% of the time we’ve sensed something and we’re spot on.

Karolina is the girl who is always there no matter the time and there have been times when she’s rocked up with tissues and a bottle of wine at ridiculous hours of the night.

She’s brought me food and medicine when I’m sick.

She has encouraged me when I’ve not seen the light.

Told me some truths that I may not have wanted to hear, but needed to.

She’s reminded me of my strength and character when I’ve really needed it.

She is the best person to laugh with, chill out with, dance with and travel with.

I’ve always said that Karolina is the most level headed person I know. Very worldly and intelligent. Her advice is always spot on, honest and unbiased.

She is the one person I can trust unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

She is the person who gives the best hugs. We call them K hugs because she has such a unique way of hugging… It’s awesome.

She is the girl who jumps up and down in pure happiness over my successes.

Or wiped away the tears over disappointments and cheered me on and inspired me to pick myself up and try again.

I think it’s really rare amongst girls – let’s be honest!

Every girl should be blessed with an amazing friend. A friend who doesn’t judge, who knows who you are, who wants the best for you, who encourages you, who is able to tell you when you’re wrong and who you can be yourself with.

Karolina you are my soul sister and I’m so thankful for you and your friendship, our sisterhood and for being the one person who truly gets me.

In Dubrovnik, Croatia
On the MSC Sinfonia
On the MSC Sinfonia
Filming a TV Pilot
Pinky swear rings
Kisses at the Surprise Birthday Party I threw for Karolina
On the set of Idols SA

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