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This weekend I went away with my boyfriend and his family and their family friends.

2 hours out of Johannesburg and we were in the bush at Kranskop, Modimolle. It’s so beautiful out there and quiet. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get out of Joburg.

It was probably one of the coldest days ever, but we were out by the fire drinking sherry, catching up and just chilling out. Sheer bliss.

I did so many crazy things… definitely firsts for me, but I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed it.

We hiked, I shot a rifle (at a cardboard box) and HIT TARGET! That’s right…be scared of me!

I then did something I never in a million years thought I would do.

There is something called: Impala Dung Spitting competitions. Yip, you’re reading correct.

You take a tiny piece of dung (really only tiny hard pieces of grass) in your mouth and spit it as far as you can. The further you spit, the better your chances of winning.

Greg pointed out to me that I am the ultimate lady because I was more concerned about the act of spitting, than what was going in my mouth. Funny.

I did it and impressed myself…it didn’t drop by my feet like I thought it might!

I could be a real bush/safari girl! Who knew?

I loved every second of it. I loved meeting new people, spending time with my G and bonding with his family.. just the most incredible, down to earth, fun loving people. I’m very blessed.

Ready to farm watermelons. YUMMY!

Going on a walk with little Hailey, Michelle and the 2 Lolly’s.
Uncle Greg and his niece Hailey: AIRBORNE
Uncle Greg and Hailey
They are so sweet together

Greg and I



What a FEAST!

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