Need a holiday.

I need a holiday. We’re just past the mid-year slump and I’m really feeling it.

It also doesn’t help that according to the TimeHop app, exactly one year ago I was bronzing myself in Greece.

My body, my mind, my emotions… everything is craving a holiday.

Social media was wonderful for a while. I lived vicariously through those Instagram and Snap Chat tropical pictures and videos, but now I can feel my body yearning for it too.

I have so many things I need to do (work wise & wedding wise) and little energy to do them with. I have so many exciting ideas for blog posts, but that’s where they’re staying at the moment – as ideas.

I’m feeling a little run down, even have a little sniffle/sinus and I have prided myself in not being sick once yet this year, so this is annoying. Stay away Murphy’s Law/Jinx.

Having a stay-cation is never as relaxing, but sometimes it’s better than nothing. This weekend I want to catch up on sleep, catch up with friends and even have a PJ day binge watching series and movies.

You will find me here…

What do you do to feel re-energised when you can’t get away?

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