USN Challenge Progress

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how my USN 12 Week Body and Lifestyle Challenge is going.

I’ve been slack in the posts (sorry), but I certainly haven’t been slack in the challenge.

It is HARD work, but it’s so worth it.

The reality is this… If it were easy, we would all have fit, hot amazing bodies. Argh – annoying truth, isn’t it?

I am in the 6th week…By next Monday we will be exactly half way there. I have also realized how impatient I am – I have the thought ‘Good grief, I’m working my ass off here… Where are my abs?’ and it’s teaching me every day to slow down and understand the process is a journey. Losing weight slowly is the best way because it means it will stay off. I’m also understanding how body fat and water retention can play different roles and how the scale is actually the worst gauge to read weight. I’m gaining such an incredible knowledge about the body, healthy living and exercising.

I thought I would give you an idea of what I am eating. The eating is such an important part of it and the myth of having to starve yourself to get skinny is BUST!

I have never eaten so much in my life. I feel like I’m eating all.the.time.

Well, I’m eating every 3 hours – and that means preparation.Lots of preparation.

For breakfast I have a bowl of what I call my Coco-Oats. It’s a bowl of cooked oats with my chocolate 100% Whey Protein mixed into it.

If I don’t feel like the Oats, I have a 4 egg white omelette with cut up tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms or anything else I feel like adding to it.

I also love the smoothie breakfast. I blend fat free plain yoghurt, skim milk, fresh fruit and a scoop of the Whey Protein. It’s quick, healthy and yum.

I then have my mid morning protein shake: 100% Whey Protein mixed with water.

For lunch it’s either a large tuna salad or chicken salad drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice on top. I also add quinoa too.

The mid afternoon protein shake happens as I start my show.

I then eat my dinner – I aim to eat it before 7pm, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen if the show is very busy. I get home by 7:30pm and eat then.

Dinner is lean protein – so grilled steak or chicken breasts or lean mince with steamed vegetables. It’s important to eat a lot of dark green veges like spinach, brocolli, beans, zuchinni and so forth.

Before bed it’s Protein dessert or a protein shake.

Oh and you should use spray and cook instead of heating olive oil. No salt. Lots of water and green tea. Salad dressing = olive oil and lemon juice. Use herbs to spice your meat up and play around.. Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland, tasteless or boring.

Also… you’ll see that there are little carbs here. This is because I am in the next stage of the challenge. BUT, I was eating rye bread, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Carbs are important, but I get a lot of carbs via the veges I eat and every now and then I’ll add a slice of rye bread into the mix.

I’ve discovered a recipe for Oat Pancakes and they’re DELICIOUS and super healthy. Will post the recipe soon.

Looks like the smallest chicken breast around but it was really thick!

Expresso Show came to me a week and a bit ago to film my progress. I have had incredible help from my friends, my family and my health and fitness coach Jono Cloete, from Urban Fitness Outdoors. He is the guy who tortures trains me at 5am *cough, splutter* – yes, 5am and he really makes me work and keeps me motivated. 🙂

Even Duke made his TV debut… eating his puppy treats in a frenzy. I promise I do feed him. LOL.

Here is the insert that aired on Expresso Show this morning:

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