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This is a pretty girly post…

Over the years, I’ve really abused my hair. I’ve coloured it, fried it from all the heat I’ve applied when I’ve straightened and curled it for shoots and TV. My poor hair.

I’ve been looking after my hair so much to get it healthy, strong and long and I’m so happy that it’s finally gone past the “Bermuda triangle of growth.”

I used to believe that I had the “Bermuda Triangle” at the ends of my hair because I’d see the growth from the highlights, but it wouldn’t be any longer at the ends and it didn’t look like it was broken either. It was so odd.

I was asked on Instagram about the products I use and that’s sparked an idea for a blog post, so I’ll post it this week!

I LOVE going to the hairdresser. It’s my happy place. I know I’m not going anywhere for a few hours, so I just sink into my chair and use it as some me-time to catch up on international magazines, drink tea and just relax a little. Brittny at Scar Hair has looked after my hair ever since I’ve moved here.

I was literally counting down the sleeps until I had my hair appointment. I felt like I needed to spruce up my blonde and just have a deep nourishing treatment.


After: I went a little lighter (can you tell I’m dreaming of Summer?) Yay for Vanilla Blonde!

In other news, I’ve been shopping a little and spoiling myself. Sometimes it’s really good to treat yourself.

I found these gorgeous lace ups at Top Shop, remember I showed you the Summer trends coming through? Read more here

I haven’t bought them yet because I really can’t decide between the black or the snake skin look? What would you get?

Pic taken from my Snapchat

 I did buy these gorgeous espadrille wedges from Woolworths for Summer. Can’t wait to wear them.

The other night I had a bowl of roasted broccoli. Have you ever roasted broccoli before? It’s delicious. Put broccoli on a roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil, a crack of black pepper and sea salt and roast. For the last few minutes, set your oven to grill and watch that it doesn’t burn.

Speaking of healthy, I am on the cover of Fed Healths magazine. I have to give props to the brilliant photographer, Tegan Smith. We did a photoshoot at the beginning of the year and they used 2 of those photo’s in the magazine and for the cover. To read the article inside, you can read it by clicking here.

In other news, last week I was just having such a crappy day and when I got home, this was waiting for me at home: A fresh bunch of roses and a cup of tea.

Oh Sox, you make me so grateful to have you in my life.

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