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Nearly hitched…

I am getting married in just under 7 weeks! I can’t even explain how excited I am (and stressed!!!) Wedding planning is not for the feint heart. Good grief! You can’t avoid the stress, so I’m just trying to put it down to being a part of the process and trying to focus on all the good things.

I am officially in Wedding Mode and it feels like things are now accelerating rapidly.

Our invitations designed by the lovely Lily Young finally went out yesterday! There has been quite a bit of stress around them technologically. Trying to send emails to everyone and ensure they actually receive them is not as easy as it sounds. Long story, but we finally managed with a lot of help from our friends! YAY!

Georgina, you are a superstar!

I asked some of my girl friends this question: When did it sink in that you were getting married?

I feel like I’m helping a friend plan a wedding but have so much personal input (obviously, because it’s for us.) Every now and then I have a “Holy Sh*t!” moment and get all emotional when it suddenly dawns on me that this is for us!

I see pics like this and think: Oh wow they look magical… and then realise… Wait, that’s going to be us soon!

Isn’t this pic beautiful? I bought our little flower girls dress over the weekend and it’s adorable.

I had a meeting with our florists, Green Goddess and my wedding planner Jadee Fernandes from The Watermelon Collection last week where we discussed everything – seriously, we had a 4 hour meeting.

I loved our detailed meeting because not only did they take the time to really listen to me and bring in their expertise, but everything I was trying to verbalise (which is harder than it seems), they understood. When I didn’t know how to explain what I wanted, I’d show examples via Pinterest (side note – how did weddings actually get planned before Pinterest?)

It’s so great to be on the same page and speak to people who understand and just get me! I’d show them a picture example and say: Like this, but not exactly. Or show them a pic and say: Like this, but less. Or like this, but more.

Somehow they got it and I’m thrilled.

As I was looking at all the examples,  I had that sudden: “Oh wow this is really really beautiful… This is happening. It’s real! It’s for us!” and I got all emotional. Read: Crocodile tears and a croaky voice through the tears from the lump I was trying to swallow and a silly grin, because of course, they’re happy tears, so you actually look a little nuts. In a coffee shop, with 3 women (2 of whom I was meeting for the first time.)

Some of my girlfriends have all said that it’s a pretty surreal feeling. Some said that it only sunk in on the day when they had their wedding dress fittings. For others it was when they got into their wedding dress on their wedding day.

For some it sunk in as they started walking down the aisle and for others it only sunk in after the wedding, when he called her his wife for the first time.

It has made me feel normal. Thanks girls!

I have my first dress fittings on Wednesday and I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement. I can’t wait to see my 2 dresses. Eeeeeek!!!

I’ve seen them in white and grey, um white paper and pencil, but I have no idea what they actually look like by coming to life.

I’m sure it will start sinking in a little more then too.

I still have a To-Do list that seems to be increasing instead of being ticked off, but I’m excited as we get closer and closer to the date!

I thought I’d share a little inside info with you.

We are getting married in the Greek Church on Friday the 4th of March. After the ceremony our guests will head to Greyton, which is about 2 hours out of Cape Town, where they’ll check into their accommodation. That evening we will have a braai under the stars as a bit of a meet and greet. Many of our guests are from overseas and Johannesburg, and haven’t met before. It’s a great ice breaker too, so when we have the wedding and reception the following day, it can be a real party!

On Saturday the 5th of March, we will get married in an English ceremony, in the forest and have the reception afterwards.

On Sunday the 6th, we are having a potjiekos day where we will relax, swim and enjoy the day. It’s also one of my bridesmaids birthdays so I’m excited to celebrate with her.

Here’s some more Pinterest pics… This is just so editorial – I love it.

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