Cheeky Bums

Oh boy I’m excited about these! You know that I love a good story and I believe that there is a story in everything, if you just take the time to listen.

Cheeky Bum is a lingerie product proudly manufactured in South Africa.

The business has been founded by 2 vivacious women and when the business started, they went looking for specialised people in the industry that were skilled in working with lingerie. Being aware that so many of the big manufacturers have been forced to close due to the number of cheap Chinese imports flooding our country, they realised they had an opportunity to create employment in the industry and to make a difference.

Through word of mouth they made contact with a highly skilled seamstress called Movena Moosa who lives in Bishop Lavis in Cape Town. The story transpires that the Department of Trade and Industry had just donated 14 sewing machines to Movena in the hope that she could find work and therefore be in a position to employ others and create jobs in the industry.

And the rest is history. Due to landing the Cheeky Bum contract, Movena was able to employ 4 ladies to join her and the team has become an integral part of the Cheeky Bum manufacturing ‘machine.’

Cheeky Bums come in a rainbow of colours and hues to suit everyone, with some really cute names to boot.

Due to the high quality of stretch lace used in the manufacturing process, one size fits most. The flexible sizing is unique in that the petite low-rise thong fits a size 28 – 30 comfortably whilst the original low-rise thong fits a size 32 – 36.

These are the colours in Original Size:

Top Row L-R: Angel Delight, Candy Floss, Denim Delight, Emerald Gaze, Forest Zest, Hot Sorbet, Limelight.

Bottom Row L-R: Liquorice Twist, Purple Rain, Ruby Rose, Raspberry Fizz, Springtide, Strawberry Pop, Sunset Ripple.

These are the colours in the Petite Size:

Angel Delight, Misty Raindrop, Liquorice Twist, Raspberry Fizz, Ruby Rose, Emerald Gaze, Strawberry Pop, Sunset Ripple.

I have to admit they feel like a second skin and the lace is so fine it doesn’t leave a VPL! I’m converted!

Candy Floss

I love the story so much, I love supporting business women so much and I love the product so much, that I am going to be selling Cheeky Bums right here on Vanilla Blonde for R150 each, so if you would like a pair please contact me on and let me know which colour and which size – petite or original, you’d like!

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