Back on track…

I have to have a little laugh about today’s post. Oh the irony after yesterday’s post, but hey…

I am back on the USN 12 Week Body and Lifestyle Challenge and super excited. I have maintained my weight since I stopped the challenge, which is great.

I was concerned… What happens when I stop? Will I just pack the weight (and then some) back on?

Not at all.


I am however, wanting to continue with my journey and that’s what I have learned: It’s a journey… it never really stops and looking after yourself should be a daily occurrence. The 12 weeks I originally did, got me into a healthy lifestyle and routine and now I want to step it up a notch and get the figure I truly want.

I officially started on Saturday the 11th of August.

I know.

Who starts on a Saturday?

But you know what, when you mentally prepare yourself you should start on that day. Why wait?

I originally wanted to do the challenge again straight after my last one, but Winter struck and I kept getting ill with all the weather changes and sitting next to coughing, spluttering people (who smoked 20 a day and sucked on garlic cloves) on airplanes. *Shudder* (Don’t ask!)

No more reasons now as to why I can’t start.

It’s so annoying though, because if I look at the time frame, I could have nearly been done with the challenge. Everything for a reason. It does make me think of this…

So like last time, I’m going to keep a blog journal of my progress. It’s nearly Spring and our winter layers are going to start peeling off…

Join me if you like and we can do it together.

I do get a lot of my motivation from Pinterest and then I saw this… DAMMIT! HAHAHAHA!


I was interviewed by SA Health Blog so take a little meander to her site for the interview:


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