On Saturday night I was asked to be one of the MC’s on the Pink Carpet for the MCQP. MCQP – Mother City Queer Party is one of the biggest parties in Cape Town. Each year, there is a theme and everyone is invited, regardless of sexuality.

I interviewed everyone as they arrived on the pink carpet, asked about their outfits and which galaxy they had arrived from. It was awesome.

It was my first time and I couldn’t get over the costumes. I had heard that people went wild and I was told that if you think you’re over dressed, you’re not!

This years theme was Space Cowboys.

I went in my denim shorts, a gold sparkly top, my boots that I wrapped with tinsel, a cowboy hat and a gun and holster. I curled my hair, put big gold earrings on and did smokey make-up.

I took some vaseline and applied it to my lips and eye brows. I then took an earbud and dipped it into body glitter and applied it to the vaseline.

I used body glitter and not normal glitter or it would have been quite scratchy/itchy.

I had so much glitter on me by the time I was finished getting ready, I felt like Ke$ha had sneezed on me!

The costumes were outrageous, fun, quirky – some put in so much effort and others just came for the big party.

Some tips for next year:

1.) Leave the heels behind and wear comfortable shoes – there are several dance floors and you’ll want to enjoy them, not limp to each one.

2.) Take cash with you – it makes it easier for when you’re buying drinks.

3.) Less is not more in the costume department.

4.) When in doubt, add more glitter.

5.) Cell phone reception isn’t always great especially in huge crowds, so make meeting points with friends. If you lose one another at any stage, meet somewhere on the hour.

6.) Rather take a cab to and from the venue. Safer if you’re drinking and also prevents you having to find parking.

It was an awesome vibe and I really had a lot of fun!

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