Cape Town Memorial for Madiba

Last night the Cape Town stadium held a memorial to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life. The memorial held in Johannesburg the day before was attended by world leaders, royalty, celebrities and broadcast around the world. There were a few embarrassing moments, like the booing of Zuma – erm, not the time nor the place, having to ask people to have discipline and respect and stories coming out that the man doing sign language did a shocking job.

There were also the amazing moments, like President Obama’s speech and seeing Madiba’s Magic at work by getting world leaders who ordinarily don’t speak, shaking hands and sitting in the same rows.

Sox and I went to the Cape Town stadium around 6pm and left at around 9pm. The energy was electric and I just looked around the stadium at a sea of bright colours. I love our South Africa flag – it is colourful and vibrant. I loved singing songs and dancing with people from all races and walks of life. United.

Helen Zille was amazing as she sang in an African language and got the whole stadium on their feet. Impressive.

Annie Lennox came out but didn’t sing. She did this weird African drumming chanting poem going on about HIV/AIDS, safe sex, rape, violence etc… and while I understand what she was trying to do, she just looked and sounded like she was high.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Johnny Clegg and Freshly Ground were just brilliant and The Bala Brothers gave me goosebumps over and over again.

I am so proudly South African and even though Mandela is with the Angels now, he will always be with us in our South African spirit.

Annie Lennox chanting/shouting/poetry performing…or something like that

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