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Links I Love 13: Gumtree

I normally share the various Links I Love and I’m really enjoying bringing the series to you once a week.

For this week, I’m sharing Links I Love, a little differently. I’m focusing on one link I love, purely because I want to share my little secret…

I am a bargain hunter. I adore finding treasures for really decent prices.

Who doesn’t?

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have the patience to do this, but it can be really simple, if you know how. Let me share…

Originally when I heard about a few years back, I was intrigued/nervous. It arrived at a time when people were a little suspicious of online shopping and a little suspicious of either second hand or previously owned items.

Of course you also got those bad apples with their fake adverts and scams, which is always sad and annoying, especially for those who genuinely have wonderful products to sell. You do have to be “street, erm, online smart” and do extra homework. More about this later on…*

It’s now my go-to website when I am looking for particular items – especially items that are more on the pricey side.

Earlier this year I bought my iPhone 5S brand new, out of the box from someone who had put their new upgrade online. I ended up buying my beautiful 64GB iPhone for a lot less. Bonus!

Now that the iPhone 6 is out, I can only imagine the frenzy happening over here.

Sox and I were also looking at the properties listed on Gumtree and found some fantastic places to view. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or even houseshare, you can find everything you’re looking for by clicking here.

Here are some of the other pages I peruse quite often too. You just never know what incredible gems are waiting to be discovered.

I love my photography but lenses and camera equipment is always incredibly pricey.

They have everything from camera bodies to lenses, accessories and even GoPro’s (hello Christmas presents!)

I’ve found some excellent deals. See more.

Did you know that most people turn to Gumtree first before Facebook when it’s concert time? Yip… South Africa seems to really be on the map with international artists and I am loving the fact that we have massive stars coming to our shores to perform.

There are times, however, when tickets get sold out in hours.

Annoying, I know!

If that happens to you and you promised friends/loved ones/both that you’d get tickets and didn’t. Side eye…

I’d suggest you click here quickly or this may happen:

Here is another little secret, I’ve bought a few of my beautiful dresses off Gumtree and received some of the best compliments whenever I wear them.

You can also find gorgeous vintage (or brand new) designer dresses, accessories and handbags too.

Have your own “Beyonce-proud/I look good” moments by clicking here.

I’ve mentioned the shopping aspect, but don’t forget you can also do the selling. Something that you don’t have any use for anymore; could come in super handy for someone else.

This is especially wonderful when you get the urge to Spring Clean!

If you are still a little skeptical about selling and shopping online, like “Oprah” here…

Don’t you worry… Gumtree have a whole section on how to stay safe whilst selling and/or purchasing online. Click here.*

Happy Shopping or Selling… or both!

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