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It’s been a while since I did a Life Lately post. Erm, I don’t want to be the one to point this out – even though I’m going to… but it’s nearly February! Is 2016 going to fly by too?

It’s a reminder to really enjoy the moments and be present!

Snapchat has been fun… I go through days when I use it a lot and then I go through days where I don’t have anything super exciting to share and I’d rather not snap just for the sake of it.

The snapchat lenses are my best. They are hilarious, crazy, sometimes frightening and I do wish that they would keep the beautifying lens permanently. Here are a few…

Looking at glasses, my sunglass obsession continues and I had to bring these fold up Persols home with me. I got them from Sunglass Hut – still the best range of sunglasses ever.

Sox and I are both obsessed with Sunglasses…

I’ve been eating really well and it feels so good to be healthy. It also helps having not one, but 2 wedding dresses as a motivation.

I sadly haven’t been able to exercise as much because my back, neck and shoulders have been in agony. I’ve been a human pin cushion at the Chiropractor for the last 2 weeks as he’s been trying to sort my back out. It’s from a bad car accident I was in, in 2001. Whenever I am stressed, it flares up and I get the worst headaches.

Last week I had such a bad headache, it was bordering on a migraine. I still had the Afternoon Drive show to present with Maurice Carpede and I wasn’t feeling great at all. It’s very difficult to entertain and sound good when you want to lie in a dark, silent room. I didn’t have headache tablets and I’d been drinking a lot of water. We actually put it out on air and our listeners gave some amazing advice… Like this yoga pose.

You have to lie with your bum against the wall, your hands should face up (I find out afterwards) to open your shoulders up, close your eyes and breathe deeply. I did this between songs and it really helped a lot!

It’s been so hot lately, that I’ve just wanted to wear bright, breezy kimonos and kaftans! I adore this from Huntress Clothing.

The only bad thing about highlighting and being a lighter blonde than my mousy blonde colour is the maintenance, but thank God for Scar Hair. They always ensure my locks are golden.

 Bright flowers to brighten my work space at home… I’ve also been drinking a lot more green tea lately.

This succulent in it’s concrete holder found a new home with us…

My cousin, Chad and I finally managed to meet up for dinner at Mano’s! Order the Chicken Lemone!

Work at Smile has been awesome and I’m really glad I’m able to focus on one radio show now! It’s helped me so much in stress levels! Here are some of the blondies at Smile 90.4 FM… Lindy Hibbard, myself and Josie Eveleigh.

On Saturday, I went to help one of my best friends Laura set up for her Twins 3rd birthday party: George and Daniela had a Pirate and Princess Party and it was adorable!

We sat cutting up fruit bowls…

George inspecting his Pirate cake…

Daniela and George overseeing the cake cutting situation…

This little girl Amy was the sweetest. She kept playing with my hair and I kept telling her how beautiful and kind her smile was. At the end of the party, she ran up to me, planted a kiss on my cheek and told me she was going to wear her princess crown to bed. I told her that she would always be a princess – smart and kind, whether she had a princess crown or not! She was very special!

Oh and I dropped my phone as I pulled it out my handbag. At first I just thought the tempered glass I have as protection had smashed. Nope. The whole screen. I actually had a lump in my throat!

I’ve been wedding planning and working hard so there isn’t much to share, but as we get closer to everything I’ll be able to share more and more! 5 weeks to go and counting!

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