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With a lump in my throat that burned as we got closer and closer to the airport, I said a very teary goodbye to my parents early on Monday morning.

I swear I had “Post Parental Blues” but I know I’ll be seeing them again soon.

Sox decided to cheer me up by taking me, before my radio show, to our good friend, Yaron’s new coffee and vinyl shop called Hard Pressed Cafe. It hasn’t officially opened yet, but the coffee machine is working and we thought we’d pop in to see how it’s going. If you’re looking for it, it’s in the new tall blue glass building (FNB/Old Mutual) on the corner of Bree and Mechau street.

I can see it’s going to be my new local hangout. I love the decor, the coffee is amazing – and that’s saying a lot since this tea lover isn’t the biggest coffee drinker and the energy is warmly welcoming.

I cannot wait for the official opening.

Sox and Yaron

On Tuesday, good friends of mine, Ricky and Bernice Dos Ramos and their beautiful little boys, Dino and Cruz were down from Johannesburg.

We headed to Camps Bay after work, where Bernice and I caught up over strawberry Daiquiris at Cafe Caprice before heading to the beach with the boys.

Dino and Sox hit it off straight away (children absolutely adore Sox) and before we knew it Dino was hand in hand with Sox, dragging him down the beach to explore. Adorable.

Sox and Dino in the distance, off on some great adventure
New friends

You have to love children’s honesty… What do they call it? From the mouths of babes.

When they first arrived and Dino and Cruz got out of the car… Cruz started waving and melted my heart with the sweetest little voice saying: “Hello Aunty Bailey!”

When Bernice asked Dino if he remembered me, he looked at me, studied me and then after a long pause said: “No! I don’t remember you… Now come play with me!”

Cheeeeese!!! Dino and I
My beautiful Bernice

That evening the sky turned into the most spectacular rainbow of colours from an incredible sunset. The only edits I used was “Clarity” on Camera Plus and the “Enhance” button in iPhoto. These are the colours that deepened.

This photo was taken yesterday in the 2Oceansvibe radio studios – our station manager, Rhys, bought me coffee. Always appreciated.

When I got home yesterday afternoon I got a lovely surprise … this was waiting for me: I’ve gone from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5S and loving it. This gadget girl is very happy.

In other news, I’m sad the public holidays are over – back to 5 day weeks again; but also relieved that this whole stop/start/stop/start nonsense is done and I can get on with it and back to feeling more productive.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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