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Cherry tomato and Brie Cheese Omelette

I am the biggest fan of breakfast… I can have breakfast at any time of the day and I particularly love cafes and restaurants who serve breakfast all day long.

I also love cooking breakfast. There is nothing better than the smell and sound of sizzling bacon or making my carb free blueberry pancakes. #LCHF

The other day, I was starving. I knew I didn’t have much at home, but I was also feeling too lazy and cold to head out into the grey, gloomy weather.

I raided the fridge in search of what I could whip up quickly and easily.

I found eggs, cherry tomatoes, some parsley that was just a day past being fresh, but still perfectly fine (didn’t crack the photo) and Brie cheese. Perfect ingredients for an omelette.

Now I realise this is no ground breaking recipe but it was so delicious and simple I had to share it. Sorry if you’re a chef and foodie who looks at this with a “Pfft!”but I was chuffed with myself.

I chopped up the tomatoes and added them into a pot with melted butter, fresh sea salt, the chopped parsley and smaller than half a teaspoon of Xylitol to take away the tomatoes tartness.

In another bowl I cracked 3 eggs, added some milk and whisked them into a light, fluffy, bubbly mixture.

In a frying pan, I placed a blob of butter and then added the egg.

Just before it was ready to fold, I placed the tomato mixture onto one side and the slices of Brie cheese on top.

Voila – a melted Brie cheese and cherry tomato omelette… Delicious just as it is or with a crack of black pepper sprinkled on top.

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