Life in Pictures

Here are some  photo’s from Instagram (vanillablondebailey) and some photo’s I never put up on Instagram.

Trying to get photo’s with Duke or even of him results in quite a few photo’s being taken before you get one that isn’t blurry or where he’s not wriggling around. He sure doesn’t like the camera.

 Clearly I’ve been on a fruity mission…

Lately I’ve just been seeing girls/women behaving quite badly and I don’t know if it’s a matter of low self esteem or no self respect, but it makes me sad to see. When I saw this quote, I just had to put it up.

Speaking of beautiful quotes… My mom was paging through a magazine and showed me this – isn’t it though provoking?

Shopping with friends can be dangerous…

 I’ve been looking for a beanie like this everywhere and my boyfriend found one for me…

This finally arrived for me…

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