I love my friends. They hug out bad days, wipe away the tears from really awful days and know exactly how to make me laugh and I laugh all.the.time!

Let me give you some examples.

I have a friend Ally. We work together at Highveld.

She was in the middle of a sentence when she stopped and said:

“Wow. Sorry. Your eyes look just like beer bottles.”


“No…I mean…I’ve just never realized it, but they’re the colour of a brown beer bottle…it’s really pretty!”


“No seriously! The glass of a beer bottle -that clear, pretty, sparkly brown beer bottle colour.”

“Like a Castle?”

“Yip. It’s a good thing.”


Another friend of mine, M told me a story about when she used to waitress. It was years ago when she was a student. She had to train for 3 days because apparently the system was quite complex. One of the many things involved was scanning bar codes on the menu etc etc etc…

There she is on her first “proper” waitressing day. Her first customer arrives.

M: What can I get for you sir?

Customer: I’d like the fillet steak please.

M looks up the menu, scans it and feels quite proud that this complex system is not too taxing.

Customer: Well done.

M (grinning): Thank you!

Customer: No, I mean my steak. I’d like it well done please.


M continued waitressing. This one woman arrived every morning for a coffee and muffin. One morning M decided to be smart and as the woman opened her mouth to ask for her usual, M cut in: Yes, your coffin and muffy is coming right up!

Now I remember why I didn’t waitress.

I definitely hold my friends responsible for my laughter wrinkles lines.

Botox for my next birthday please 😉 Kidding. Sort of.

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