Resolution Time

New Years Resolutions… I love this time of the year because it feels like the slate has been rubbed clean and we can start/re-start things.

I have a few resolutions that I am truly hoping will become a part of my lifestyle.

As a young girl I never ever had to watch my weight. Sure, I was active at school, but you couldn’t classify me as “sporty.” My family is very healthy and I completely took my moms meals for granted. When I moved out on my own, I didn’t continue the healthy meals at all. Why did I have to when take-out was a phone call away?

As I’ve grown up, my cooking skills have improved immensely, I take MUCH better care of myself, eat healthy meals and feel so much better for it. I still have my slip ups though, but I have a much better relationship with food now than I did before. I just didn’t really watch what I ate and unfortunately the realization that I’m not 18 anymore *sigh* with a speedy metabolism has got the better of me.

This year I’m determined to continue eating well and incorporate gym. I bought myself a Polar watch that monitors my heart rate and counts the calories I burn in a gym session. It’s so motivating.

So my first resolution is to get a healthy and active lifestyle and lose 7kgs. I’ll keep you posted.

I need to drink more water. Water has a taste. A taste I don’t really like. I have had several “arguments” with people because they all think I’m nuts and say water doesn’t have a taste. I think I just need to, excuse the pun… suck it up. Besides, it will help with the first resolution.

My third resolution is that I need to become more minimalist. I have a horrible tendency of hoarding things, purely because I “never know when I’m going to need it.” The problem is it clutters everything and just makes me unhappy. This year I’m going to try and throw things that aren’t necessary away, straight away… instead of doing it when things become too unbearable.

What are your New Years resolutions and have you stuck to them so far?


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