In My Head

In my head I have so many magical blog posts. I can picture the photographs I’m dying to set up and snap.

My fingers are itching to tap away at the keyboard and yet I’m just not able to get everything done in one day.

Plus, you know how it goes… life happens when you’re making other plans.


Every time I’ve wanted to sit down and create a post, something has happened, like a trip to the emergency room yesterday morning. Don’t worry, I’m all fine now!

I don’t have writers block, it’s quite the opposite actually but before I know it, the day is over, the hours have blurred, my to-do list has yo-yo’d and by the end of each day (for me it’s been no earlier than 11pm) I am exhausted and I actually feel guilty when I know another day has gone by without a post.

I suppose if blogging was my job/only job, it would be a different story. Still…

Do other bloggers feel this guilt?

Oh and I’ve never suffered from insomnia before but lately I can’t seem to get my mind to switch off. What makes matters worse, is that I work out how many hours I have left to sleep, before my alarm clock breaks the sleepy silence. I’m not even sure I can call this insomnia, since it’s only happened one or 2 nights.

It’s not that I’m particularly stressed about anything. I’m actually buzzing from all the excitement happening and then I get overwhelmed thinking about how much I still want to do this year, except that there are 36 days until Christmas and 43 days until 2015.

Speaking of… I’m not even in the Christmas spirit and this panics me. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! 

But seriously… it’s come too soon.

I see the shops decorated with their flashing lights, tinsel trees and beautiful store windows. I see and hear the Christmas promotions on TV and radio, with their jolly Christmas songs, but quite frankly, I’m a bloody Ostrich with my head in the sand of denial. I haven’t even thought of Christmas gifts let alone gone out to do Christmas shopping.

A friend suggested we make a day of Christmas shopping together and in my head I was completely bewildered. I honestly thought she was crazy for suggesting it and then it dawned on me that we’re in the festive season. I need to catch up.

I do think it’s also because I was hoping that Sox and I would be in our new apartment before Christmas time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a reality (looooong story) so I’ve put off getting the decor out until I know if we’re going to be moving.

I’m not a complete right off, just yet. After much deliberation, I have decided to spend Christmas with my family in Johannesburg and Sox will spend Christmas with his family in Cape Town. One of the downsides of living in different cities.

So I thought I’d find some inspiration on Pinterest and even created a Christmas board.

How do you get into the Christmas spirit?

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