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I’m sorry this blog post is so late. I’m typing this whilst lying in a big hotel bed in Durban. It’s raining outside, I have a cup of tea and I’m blogging. I should be learning scripts. Ahem.

I’m in Durban until Wednesday evening to present for the Expresso Morning Show. I honestly adore being able to do TV work. I love radio, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s great to step out from behind the microphone for a little bit.

How are we in October already? Oh and not just in October, half way through it already. Already.

Life is whizzing by, so I like doing these “Life Lately” posts because they make me appreciate the small (and big) moments.

While Johannesburg has been making everyone sweat with the heat and a spattering of thundershowers (I miss those), Cape Town continues to have 4 seasons in one day! Table Mountain has either been in hiding or showing off an impressively thick table cloth.

There have also been beautiful days with the promise of Summer being here for good…

On those days, it’s all about capitalising on the sunshine. Sox and I went to the beach for a few hours on Saturday and it was just the right dose of Vitamin D that I needed…

Plus I got the opportunity to use my new beach towel from Cotton On. I am having a love affair with pineapples – I may have mentioned this…

When the weather hasn’t been good, a game of Tavli at Hard Pressed Cafe is always good. Amazing coffee and Banting cheesecake too. It’s a must.

I went to Scar Hair for some tender loving care of my locks. It is so true what they say about having a good hair day… No matter what I’m wearing or how I’m feeling, when my hair looks and feels good, it gives me that extra confidence. Plus I love the time I get to spend catching up on international magazines, sipping tea, the odd cappuccino and sinking into the chair for an incredible head massage.

With fresh hair, I went for a delicious, spontaneous breakfast date with Sox to Borage just before heading into the studio to present my show.

These eyeballs are all over the bathroom by the 2Oceansvibe radio studios in Woodstock Exchange. They still get me each time I walk in. You really get the feeling you’re being watched and I always stare at them, hoping to never see a red flashing light. Paranoid? Apparently I’m not the only one and everyone who enters the bathrooms thinks the same thing. It’s very funny.

I’ve been craving veges… yes mom, you read that correctly… Kidding – I’ve always eaten veges actually, but lately I just want more. I stir fried a big wok full in coconut oil to add to the lemon and basil roast chicken.

We have celebrated friends birthdays over dinner…

and spontaneous drinks at Club 31.

Just before I left for the airport on Sunday afternoon, I attempted a messy top knot bun and landed up with what looked like a bow. I have no idea if I will be able to recreate this, but I’m sure going to try. 

Cape Town —> Durban.

As soon as I arrived I recorded voice overs in the hotel before heading to see a movie (Gateway Ster-Kinekor has the most appalling, rude staff I have ever encountered. I’m still gobsmacked.) Anyway.. I saw Mom’s Night Out and wasn’t really expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a light hearted, fun comedy. It won’t win any Oscars but it’s great entertainment.

It’s getting late now and I have an early start… Best I post this and get to bed.

You’ll probably read this in the morning so I hope you have a wonderful day!


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