Heart melter

Oh I love this little boy so much. He melts my heart daily and I can’t kiss his squashed face enough!

I was looking back at photo’s from my birthday last year at how small he was. He’s grown so much, but he will always be a pup to me and he has never lost his puppy eyes.

His character is something else and just when I think he can’t get any funnier or do anything else that could possibly be more cute… he does.

His toys are kept in his favourite bowl but he hates it. He is only happy once he’s grabbed the bowl and taken all the toys out of the bowl and scattered them all over the place, as if I had a messy toddler.

He loves back tickles and tummy tickles. He still has his little squeal and talks to me when he’s trying to communicate. Oh I wish I could understand. I wish I knew what he was thinking some times when he looks at me or when he sits on the top step outside overlooking the garden. He can sit for ages watching the birds, the butterflies, the flowers – it’s all very “Lion King” in the way he sits and overlooks everything.

It’s also been so hot in Joburg, and I’ll often find him stretched out spatchcock chicken style on the cool bricks or tiles…sometimes even the cool sand (which is normally after he’s been bathed – little devil)

He cannot fall asleep without bunching his pillow up and putting the corner in his mouth like a dummy. 

He’s not allowed on the couch, but every now and then I allow him on for a cuddle… I love our cuddles in the morning (if I get a chance) and in the evenings.

I think I’m still sleeping here.

BUT… don’t be fooled by all the cuteness… Cute also comes in terror form…

PS. I have had to add the annoying Word Verification onto my comments page. I simply cannot take another spam email. They are beyond frustrating – so I apologise for you having to prove you’re not a robot, but I can’t handle the spam that clogs up my email!


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