Going Moroccan

Your hair truly is your crowning glory.

Keeping my hair in shiny, good condition is really important to me. I’m a natural blonde and I do highlights just to brighten my blonde up a little.

Lindsay-Jade from Studio 9, Melrose Arch has been looking after my hair now for over 18 months. I get bored with just having blonde hair, but I will never cut it…again…what a disaster (I shudder just thinking about it), so I like changing it up in styles. Straight and sleek, braided, buns, curls, plaits, up, down and so on.

One of the products Lindsay-Jade introduced me to is Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil to my hair, is like catnip is to cats. Pure Love. She uses it whenever she blow waves my hair and she also uses it by mixing it into my colour for highlights.

Moroccan Oil is and I quote from the pamphlet: “A unique, argan oil infused formula that instantly absorbs into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection in all hair types… A small amount of Moroccan Oil Treatment will immediately restore, revitalize and refresh the hair. After only one application, hair is visibly shinier and healthier-looking. With multiple applications, hair condition continues to improve, helping to reduce split ends, brittleness and breakage.”

YES PLEASE! Finally!!

It’s fantastic for styling – I literally use a tiny amount and work it through my damp hair before blow waving. If I don’t have time to dry my hair, I apply the same amount and leave it to dry naturally.

It’s also great for extensions and wigs – it helps revive, condition and detangle.

I love the smell… for me it smells like those Cola fizz pop lollipops! Yum!

You can find it at certain salons, including Studio 9, Melrose Arch and it retails for around R315.

A huge thank you to Danielle and her team from Bush Telegraph Publicity for sending me the oil.

PS. I have a poll on the right left hand side of my blog… Be a part of it 😛

(Thanks Judy for pointing out my blondeness – BLUSH)


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