How to get over a grumpy, bad day

Do you ever have those days where you just feel defeated and deflated?

On Friday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something like that, because it just wasn’t my day. I just couldn’t get out of my funk or pick myself up, no matter the inner pep talks I was giving myself.

I was having a fat, bloated, gross, ugly, yucky, grumpy, feel-sorry-for-myself kind of day. It’s a horrible thing, but they happen to the very best of us.

When these days happen, I resign on trying to feel better and just allow myself a ‘pity’ day. I tell myself this: “Luckily, tomorrow is a new day! In the meantime, just forget about trying to making yourself feel better and just be. Chill out and give yourself the day off.”

After doing everything I needed to do work wise (which can be pretty good when being busy distracts you) and meeting a friend for tea (which helped), I then did absolutely nothing and just vegged out in front of the TV, watching mind numbing shows with my laptop on my lap on Pinterest.

If you ever have these days, the best thing is just to be kind to yourself. No point in beating yourself up for having a bad day – it’s not going to make you feel better – only worse.

Get your mind off of what is bothering you. It doesn’t do you any good to stew. But please note… Sometimes it’s good to be an Ostrich with your head in the sand and switch off for a bit, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s good to rather face why you’re feeling so glum. You’ll figure out what’s best for you in the moment.

Have a chat with a good friend or family and surround yourself with positivity. Speaking to the people who know you, understand you and love you is always a good idea, as they know best how to cheer you up.

Ask for a hug or just give a hug. There is something so powerful about a good connection.

Make a big pot of tea, it’s a game changer in making things better.

Play with your animals (best mood booster.) Man, I miss Duke.

Spoil yourself by giving yourself a little pamper. Go for the face/hair mask or both.

View Pinterest, as long as you’re inspired by the beauty and not depressed by it, like “trying to keep up with the Jones’.”

Play music that makes you happy. Pharrell William’s “Happy” instantly springs to mind, as does my favourite (personal anthem) Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine.”

Go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Exercise. Endorphins will help so much.

Watch your favourite TV series or movies.

Read a book – preferably something cheerful, motivating or captivating. I love reading fiction as it transports me into a whole new world of imagining the characters, where they are and so on.

Sleep. Yes, you’re probably drained. Go to bed early and you’ll hopefully wake up refreshed and renewed.

Take Vitamin B complex. Deficiencies of Vitamin B can produce significant symptoms relating to depression, anxiety, irritability, lethargy, and fatigue. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated and defeated, write a list of everything you’re grateful for from the smallest to the biggest, including your accomplishments. Sometimes we need a little reminder that things aren’t as gloomy as they seem in this window of time.

Don’t emotionally eat. It’s only going to make you feel much worse afterwards and sugar is a complete mood dipper. If you feel like bingeing, try this trick: Count down to 0 from your current weight. Cruel but kind.

Stay off social media if you think everyone is living a more exciting life than you. Watch this video.

Don’t try to find the answers at the bottom of a bottle. Hangovers the next day really aren’t going to fix things.

At the end of the day, we’re all human with ups and downs, low points and high points, disappointments, achievements, loss and gain. If you’re finding your low points far outweigh your high points and you’re struggling to get out of a “dark hole”, there is absolutely no shame or harm in asking for help and speaking to a professional.

PS. I’ve woken up on the right side of the bed today. Feeling much better. I think I just needed a down day. Just in case the yuckiness feels like sticking around, I’m meeting a friend now for a workout session and a cup of tea afterwards.

Happy days!

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