September Mixed Tape

I have a diverse taste in music. I love rock, pop, alternative, chilled, jazz, dance, hip hop and whilst I’m not the biggest country music fan, I adore Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and Faith Hill.

There’s not a lot of music I don’t like, but I can’t stand dub step, heavy metal (I’m-going-to-eat-your-children screaming), screechy opera (granted, there are a few opera songs that are goose bump amazing) and anything else that is migraine inducing.

OMG – am I getting old?

I love the freedom that Internet radio brings in terms of creativity and music. I choose every song on my radio show and whilst I have complete carte blanch, I do put effort into carefully selecting what I think my audience loves and wants.

I have decided to make you a virtual mixed tape and I’m going to make one each month… Enjoy.

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