Gautrain and Planking

esterday was the opening of the Gautrain from Sandton to Pretoria, Hatfield. With all the stops only takes 30 minutes – beats an hour and a half or more in traffic. I was so impressed. It’s so relaxing too. There was no stress about being in traffic, idiotic drivers and instead I saw people on their iPads, reading a book or reading over presentations. What a pleasure.

Mark Pilgrim and I from the “Baldy and Bailz Afternoon Drive Show” took the first train to Pretoria with some of the media and we couldn’t resist “planking.” It’s this new world wide trend where you lie face down, arms next to your side (like a plank) in the craziest of places, have a photo taken and upload it onto twitter or facebook. There are a lot of trends now, such as “owling” and “batting”… it’s so silly but funny.

Planking on the Gautrain
Head to head planking on the Gautrain

Here are some of our planking pics so far… We’re fairly new to it.

Planking at the 94.7 News Desk – we had 90 seconds to do it before we had to be back ON AIR.

We were running a competition with Cell C, so Mark and I headed off to a Cell Store and planked.

Yes. We are a little crazy.

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