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This may seem like an incredibly girly post.

Ok, who am I kidding?

It is.

However, gents, don’t turn away too quickly. This might intrigue you more than you know (or care to admit.)

I had my nails done at home the other day and it was a game changer… I can’t actually believe I haven’t done it sooner.

I’m a massive fan of The Fox Box. I was first introduced to The Fox Box at a few events (The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, the Cinderella Movie Premier with Morgan Taylor and so on.)

They’re a premier nail service that caters for men and woman who want the salon experience in the comfort of their own home or convenience of their office. They’re exceptionally popular at events too because they’re mobile and can set up easily.

They also have express bars open at selected Woolworths stores, which is fantastic when you’re shopping/out at a centre and want to get a mani or a pedi.

I’ve only ever experienced them at an event or at a Woolworths store and I’ve always been impressed.

I really love having well manicured hands and feet. It’s beautifully classy and it’s one of the first things people normally see. I tend to talk with my hands a lot, plus when I hold a microphone to MC, it’s one of the things that shows up.

I’ll never forget seeing a photograph of myself in a magazine and newspaper. I was MCing a corporate event and I had chipped nail polish – it looked awful.

I had a manic week and I really needed to get my nails done. I couldn’t take the time to drive out, I didn’t have the time to sit in a salon because I had work that needed to be done. I needed my laptop for deadlines and then I remembered The Fox Box.

I made an appointment and 2 of the very best ladies arrived (early, I might add.)

They came in with their boxes on wheels full of equipment and a portable table. They were set up within minutes.

I sat ready for my pedicure and my manicure. I used the one hand to tap away at my keyboard and get work done whilst the one was being buffed, polished and massaged.

Did I mention it was GAME CHANGING?

I must admit, Sox looked so green that I was having my nails done. He’ll obviously deny it, but I think this is really great for guys who want to keep their hands and feet manicured, but don’t want to sit at a salon surrounded by ladies.

There is nothing sexier than a man with good hands and feet, and groomed cuticles. This is a convenient and comfortable way for them to maintain them.

 Setting the Gelish…

I chose Gelish La Ti Da on my hands and Morgan Taylors La Dolce Vita on my toes.

Give them a call or SMS: 071 509 1954 or email:

Check out their website for the full price list:

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