Favourites and Farewell (For now…)

These are a few of my favourite things…

My new bangles – I love accessories. I bought these from Woolworths.

My aromatic candles. They are just so romantic and smell gorgeous. This one in particular is my favourite… and soon I’ll be adding the Vanilla and Cinnamon candles to that list too. They smell like Christmas and there is nothing better.

Fresh basil … I’m growing my own and I even talk to my pot plants. Normal? No. Growing like they’re on steroids? YES!

My new Blackberry cover – it’s bunny chic. It’s all the rage in Tokyo at the moment.

My nails… I hardly ever have the standard colour out of the bottle. I like to mix my own. I’ve mixed the Gellish colours to create this pale pink. I’ve called it Marshmallow.

Tomorrow G and I leave for Mauritius. I know that tonight I will hardly sleep out of sheer excitement. I need this break so badly. We both do and it’s going to be wonderful taking our first trip together. I can’t wait to relax, enjoy quality time and explore the island together.

I am not going to be blogging…sorry about that… but I will be back next Wednesday with loads of photos and hopefully some awesome travel stories.

PS. Unless you are an actual Victoria Secret model, bikini shopping is traumatic.


Why oh why do change rooms have such awful, magnifying mirrors/lighting?

I need therapy after that experience.

Maybe that will be the reason why I have a sleepless night.

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon… Oh and for my international readers, I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday.



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