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Schneiders in CT

My mom and dad arrived last Thursday evening, which happened to be my 2 year anniversary in Cape Town. It has been phenomenal having them here with us. Sox and I collected them from the airport and took them straight to our new apartment where they could finally see where we live in real life, and not just through whatsapp photos.

They settled into their room and I got fresh cups of tea ready. It was so incredibly hot (32 degrees C) so we decided to take a walk down to the promenade to watch the sunset and breathe in the warm, salty air.

That evening we had a prawn braai with roasted vegetables and glasses of wine. They turned out absolutely amazingly and it’s one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

On Friday morning, I got all my work done early so that I could spend the day with them.

We explored the food market and The Watershed at the V&A Waterfront and were going to head out on the boat, when the weather took a turn.

Thick fog was rolling in and we could hear the fog horn eerily crying out. Instead of rushing indoors, we took a long walk on the promenade and looked at the various artworks dotted along.

It started getting really cold so we headed back for more cups of tea and a chill session before heading to Friday night Greek church for Good Friday.

After the church service, we headed to Signal Hill so we could show my parents the Sunstar (click for my previous visit and pics), but we didn’t realise that they switch off it’s lights at a certain time, so we found it in complete darkness. It was still a gorgeous night out and the view of Cape Town with the fog was quite incredible.

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On Saturday we headed out to the Taste of Cape Town. We made our way to the Cafe Caprice tent where we enjoyed cocktails before heading out to see what we could sink our teeth into.

 What’s wrong with the next picture?

 My mom has 3 hands… all full with wine! Sox was joking around and hid behind my mom!

After full bellies, we headed home to get ready for the late night Greek church service! At midnight everyone rejoiced with “Xristos Anesti”, which means “Christ has Risen” and you reply with “Alithos Anesti”, which means “Yes, He really has risen.”

At midnight you then head home with the Holy light and to break the fast. Sox and I had been fasting for the full week – no dairy or animal products. We all headed to Sox’s mom and dad for the feast. It’s bizarre to eat after 1am and we only got home at 3am.

On Sunday – Greek Easter, when we eventually woke up, I laid out a light breakfast of Banting muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

I knew we needed something light because we were in for another late afternoon of eating.

We headed back to Sox’s mom and dad for this magnificent feast:

Chocolate Roulade – Banting friendly.

I literally felt like I needed a crane to lift me out of the house after that meal… It was such a beautiful day surrounded by our 2 families – we were only missing the sisters… Sox’s and mine.

This weekend has been a mixture of long walks, exploring and lots of food – hopefully a bit of a balance!

Today I will be live on The Expresso Morning show, doing my 2Oceansvibe Radio show and in between work I’ll be spending time with my parents. I absolutely adore having them here. Now if only I could get them to move here…

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