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Delicious Cheesecake

When my inner Nigella comes out, I embrace it. I really love cooking and baking and the part that I enjoy the most is finding or creating my own delicious and simple recipes. Sure, I love spending time in the kitchen, but not hours on end.

My friend Claire, who has moved to Tanzania, is back in South Africa (she’s getting married in February -YAY) and I haven’t seen her in months. I’m having her over for dinner tonight and while we are both on the health kick, for special occasions you just have to treat yourself.

I made a Fridge cheesecake that is so delicious and simple to make, it’s almost not fair.

What also wouldn’t be fair is if I didn’t share the recipe with you. That would just be mean and since I’m not… Here it is 🙂

Break Bash the pieces of Tennis Biscuits/ Coconut Biscuits into crumbs – I use a bag so that it’s not so messy… and it’s a great stress relief. LOL.

 Add the crumbs and the butter together.

 Press the butter crumb mixture into a dish.

Combine a tin of Condense Milk, with the Fat-Free Cottage Cheese – I use the smooth one and add the lemon juice. I actually doubled up here because my dish is quite big and I wanted the topping to be a little thicker.

 Whisk it all together.

 Pour it out evenly onto the biscuit mixture and smooth over.

You can either glaze the top with a tin of passion fruit/granadilla pulp or use fresh cut fruit. I cut up fresh strawberries and lay them on top.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before you serve. Enjoy!Photobucket

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