Choose Beautiful with Dove

I’ve watched a few of the Dove campaigns on YouTube over the past year or so and have been really moved by the messages.

The latest video, #ChooseBeautiful, gave me a lump in my throat. It really made me question how I see myself.

Dove set up signs above side-by-side doors in 5 cities around the world. In each city, one door read “Beautiful” and the other door read “Average”. A camera crew then observed the way women reacted to the doors and which door they ultimately walked through.

If you haven’t seen the video – watch it here quickly

I found this to be so thought provoking. I immediately wondered what I would do if I was faced with the 2 options. I’ll take you through what went through my head as I watched it.

Which door would I walk through?

I immediately thought I would aim for the “Average” door because I’d feel too self conscious to walk through the “Beautiful” door, in case people thought I shouldn’t be walking through that door and if I had to walk through the “Beautiful” door in public, would I appear conceited?

Those thoughts struck me even more.

Why did I care whether people perceived me as beautiful or not?

Why didn’t I think I would appear as being confident, rather than appearing as vain?

I would be shocked if I had to see my beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, funny, warm, kind hearted, generous, lovely friends walk through the “Average” door… so why wouldn’t I be shocked at myself?

I found it fascinating that most of the women, when making a decision on their own, hesitated and then went through the “Average” door.

It was only when they were with a friend/mother/sister/group of friends, that they felt slightly more confident to walk through the “Beautiful” door. Admittedly this happened only because of the support and encouragement from their friends/family.

How interesting that we are so quick to tear ourselves down, but really all we need is a little nudge of encouragement and we can build each other up to be Strong. Powerful. Beautiful.

Beauty is a choice and it’s a power that’s in your hands. How do you choose to see the world? How do you choose to see another person? How do you choose to see yourself?

At the end of the day, without sounding cliched and contrived, we truly are all beautiful in our own unique, quirky ways. Embrace it.

We also need to be reminded that every single person needs a loving push in the self-esteem department. Don’t be the person to bully that down. The biggest regrets one truly has, is when one have been unkind to someone.

We need to enhance our crazy, quirky, beautiful selves and encourage it in ourselves and others.

Be the nudge of encouragement; the smile in someones life because you never know how that could help to build self confidence.

Which door would you choose?

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