I Can’t Live Without Series…

Last week I spoke about doing a new series on Vanilla Blonde, thanks to Coveteur. You can read about it here.

I have received such fantastic emails and I’m excited to share your lists with everyone.

Here is the very first of what I hope is an ever growing series…


5 Things I Can’t Live Without…

  1. My Gorgeous daughter Zoe…She is my everything.
  2. My Iphone 5
  3. Pinterest…totally addicted.
  4. Manicures and pedicures…Love having my fingernails and toenails painted in pretty colours.
  5. Living and coming from East London in the Eastern Cape…I am so blessed to live on the coast. The beach seems to have a calming and relaxing effect on a person.

Thanks for being a part of the series… If you would like to do the same, email me with a photo of you, your list of 5 and photo’s. I’ve set up a new email address for the blog:

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