I have to be honest with you… I’m just feeling bleh. I can’t even think of another descriptive word.

I know I’m tired and in need of a good break and since I can’t take one any time soon, I’m trying not to harp on it.

*Big girl panties on and all that.*

I personally know that I’m affected by being drained/tired when I struggle to write my blog.


Vanilla Blonde is my baby. She’s my creative outlet and I really love writing and sharing. I have been writing blogs for years…years before blogs were even a thing/popular.

I write it regardless of readers. Don’t get me wrong… I love that you do read it, but I’ve always said that even if no one read it (ok, sorry mom, I know you would) I would still write this blog because it’s my passion.

I wouldn’t say I have writers block because I actually have so many ideas and pieces I want to write and share with you. That’s the frustrating part – having all these ideas, but then having very little energy to actually create them or put them into action.

The energy I have left is going into my career, my relationships and wedding planning.

Anyone who has a blog will know that whilst it’s definitely a labour of love – it still takes time and energy.

I also felt pretty silly (and superficial) blogging about a beauty product, for example, when our youth has been protesting! #FeesMustFall

Whilst I have been disappointed by some of the violence, which only took away from the actual cause (and is always unnecessary); I have also felt so incredibly proud of our youth and I’m feeling so hopeful that people are starting to see through the bullshit and go towards the truth! I’m so hopeful about South Africa’s future.

I also feel slightly conflicted in wondering this: If we condone the temper tantrum behaviour, doesn’t it show people that the only way to get what they want is to protest and kick up the biggest fuss ever. Then again, what’s the alternative to bringing attention to the cause?

Anyway… I’m sure I just need a good night sleep and whilst I am working this weekend, I’m going to try and steal some relaxing moments!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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